Fiscal Support Entity Services

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Strengthening and maintaining the linkages between you, your family and your community is the guiding principle at Connections Services. Serving as your fiscal support entity, your participation and inclusion in the family and the community will become our mutual shared responsibility.

As FSE, Connections Services offers staff supports, and billing and reimbursement services under the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) program within MN Medicaid waivers.

Connections Services will help you determine how much self-sufficiency you want in managing your services. We initially will meet with you and your representative(s), review in more detail the services we offer, and answer any questions you have. We will always bill and collect from Medicaid or the Health plan you are enrolled with, pay vendors for services used and reimburse expenses.  We will also send reports to you and the County of Financial Responsibility or the health plan or health plan representative. Connections Services may also process payroll including paying and reporting payroll taxes, handle new employee paperwork, work with you to train your employees, and other employment related duties, depending on the level of service you choose.

Staff supports include:

  • Agency With Choice Services
  • Payroll Agent Services
  • Fiscal Conduit Services

At Connections Services, our strength is our personalized service. We will work closely with everyone involved with you to establish the fiscal supports you require. We will make ourselves accessible to you by working around your schedule as much as possible. We will establish regular and frequent contact with other county, state or local agencies involved with you. You will be able to work with minimal contacts at our company who will handle all of your needs. We pride ourselves on being small and consumer friendly offering simple to understand services.

We provide payroll processing and management services to a company with revenues over 2 million dollars. We began offering Fiscal Intermediary services in 2001 and have continued to add families to that service area over the past several years. We originally were certified by the Department of Human Services in February, 2005 to provide fiscal intermediary services as a Fiscal Support Entity (FSE) and were recertified in 2007 & 2010. We currently serve more than 140 families as their FSE. Whether you’re interested in invoice processing, a payroll agent to represent a consumer/employer, or an Agency of Choice, Connections Services will be able to meet all your needs.

For additional information please contact Kristin Ferrier, CDCS Coordinator.

To inquire about availability or for additional information please contact
Kara Lindus, Director of Operations at (952) 897-3933