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Connections was established in 1997 with a goal of providing residential and financial management services to children and adults receiving waiver services in community settings.

Connections is completely dedicated to providing superior quality services based on consumer choice with opportunities for development from staff who are familiar with the consumer and the community--people who have a sincere commitment to the goals and objectivs of the consumer.

Connections is completely dedicated to providing for a consumer's physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs as expressed through thei Formal Plan of Service, focusing on the process of connecting to the community that surronds the consumer by:

  • Establishing long-term relationships between a consumer and their direct contact staff.
  • Encouraging regular opportunities for community involvement and participation
  • Facilitating the involvement of family members of the consumer, formally and informally, recognizing the importance of this fundamental relationship

Connections is completely dedicated to the long-term needs of its consumers throughout all stages of their lives, in strengthening individual independence and in establishing the foundation of acceptance and community supports appropriate throughout those life stages.

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